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    The GODIIVA story…

    For years I’ve struggled with ill-fitting and poor performing shorts that simply couldn’t match it with my intensity. Having personally tested a number of major brands I channelled my frustration into doing something about it. When you want to focus all your energy into your workout you can’t be distracted by low-quality sportswear!

    Inspired by professional and amateur athletes alike, I processed all of our experiences and set to work with a creative design team to build my ultimate high-performance shorts. The Ultra-light 4 way stretch tech fabric with side seam free design creates ultimate freedom of movement during the most strenuous of activities. Our high Elastaine satin finish band offers ultimate comfort and eliminates the need for annoying ties giving body support whether you are training for minutes or hours.

    All this combined with the zero fade digital printed designs gives you the perfect mix of function and fashion long into the future.