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    Oh my god. I am in love. These shorts are just simply and utterly fabulous. I have run all my life and over the years, I think I have found two pairs of shorts that delivered in terms of comfort and look. I'd be wearing them until they literally fell apart and would be devastated when that happened, wondering where I'd find another good pair. Then came Godiiva. These are designed by someone that knows running and needs comfort. That alone would have me sold, but the designs are just beautiful and so they are even better than just comfortable. So so stylish. Thank you Godiiva. Love love love and I'm hoping you might brand out into other items too. Get on board people. You will not be disappointed! 

    Madeleine Donkin


    WoWZa...I'm in love. The GODIIVA Shorts are Forkin Unreal Comfy.

    At one point I actually did look down to make sure they were still on, like running naked (in a good way not that nightmare of showing up at school or work naked).

    I didn't feel the underwear liner at all. 

    Bloody Brilliant. 

    Thank you for creating such a quality product!



    Bec from GODIIVA has created these super cute and unbelievably light shorts. She kept saying they feel amaze to run in but feeling really is believing.

    Chloe Kay 

    LIV Cycling Ambassador


    GODIIVA shorts are so lightweight, breathable and comfortable that I have to keep checking they’re still on. Two thumbs up from me. 

    Meredith Hill

    ProfessionalTriathlete & Physiotherapist 


    When I get time to train its important I  feel my best, and in my new Godiiva shorts I feel great! They look amazing and are so light and cut to fit perfectly that you can forget you're wearing them. I loooove my Godiiva shorts 

    Deb Cheyne

    Fashion Designer for Butterscotch Castle